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Patrimonios Culturales de Seúl

  • The former official residence of the mayor of Seoul in Hyehwa-dong, an administrative site in Seoul for 33 years

  • SMG 1106

    On May 9, 2014, the official residence of the mayor of Seoul in Hyehwa-dong was temporarily opened to the public. Due its controversial location—it is said to have interfered with the restoration of the Seoul Fortress Wall that Seoul City is now striving to have designated as a World Heritage site—the building was finally shut down after 33 years of service as the official residence of the mayor of Seoul. Back when it was used as the official residence of the Chief Justice, it was the venue where the ruling of the April 19 Revolution was read in secret and the Korean judiciary’s crisis in 1971 was resolved. Following that, it served as the administrative space for the mayors of Seoul. Discussions on the movement of the official residence started as early as 2004 and, finally, upon the request of the Cultural Heritage Administration in 2007, Seoul City decided to temporarily move the official residence of the mayor to Eunpyeong New Town and open the present residence building in Hyehwa-dong to the public. After the completion of the restoration project, the building will be used as the information center for the Seoul Fortress Wall. It will serve to introduce and preserve the Seoul Fortress Wall, which has been damaged and broken in the course of Seoul’s modernization.