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  • 35. The Art Museum of Park No-Su, a First-Generation Artist of Korean Painting

  • SMG 1342


    The house of painter Park No-su (1927-2013), located at 34, 1-gil, Okin-dong, will be opened to the public as the Park No-su Art Museum and run by the Jongro-Gu Office. The building was built by an architect named Park Gil-ryong around 1937, using a combination of Korean and western styles. Mr. Park No-su lived in the house from 1973 until 2011.

    The first floor consists of ondol-heated rooms and a wooden floor space, while the second floor consists of a wooden floor space, along with three fireplaces. The house has been expanded and repaired on several occasions, and has been registered as Seoul City Cultural Heritage Material No.1.